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Maintaining your routines later in life can be daunting. Most services are expensive. If you have a carer to provide personal services it is probable you have had an assessment. What if you haven't had an assessment and need medical or non-medical help? Non-medical help is preparing food, housework, laundry and pet care. All the things you would normally do but have not the energy or physical capability to do any more.

How would you access funding?

First of all you contact your local Adult Social Services through your Borough Council. For Example if you are based in Poole you would access them through their website www.poole.gov.uk or telephone.

How do I get a care need assessment?

Get in touch with the adult social services department of your local council and ask for a care assessment (also known as a needs assessment). Talk to them about needing help with daily tasks such as making the bed, cooking etc.

You will not be charged for a care assessment and everyone is entitled regardless of income and savings. Also regardless of your needs. Your friend or carer can make the arrangements for you but you would have to be present for the assessment.

What will happen at the assessment?

An adult social care professional will come to see you to find out how you’re managing everyday tasks

  • Emotional and social aspects of your life

  • Your skills, abilities and your views,

  • Religious and cultural background

  • Support net work any physical difficulties you may experience

  • Health or housing requirements

  • Your needs and wishes what you would like to happen if you have a carer, their opinion.

  • The assessor will also talk to professionals who care for you, like your GP or nurse.

  • Your local council must do everything to help. Considering what your needs are at the time of assessment and how this will change in the future

What can I do to prepare for the assessment?

Think about the kind of help you need:

  • Do you need help getting up in the morning or going to bed at night

  • Help showering or bathing

  • A medication prompt

  • Do you want to visit relatives

  • Do you want to go to your place of worship

If you have a relative or friend to sit with you during the assessment, you can. If you have trouble communicating the council must provide you with support for the assessment.

Will I be eligible for help?

Local councils have their own assessment procedures, but follow a national criteria when assessing you.

When they make their decisions they have three things to consider

  1. Do you have the support mentally and physically to meet your needs

  2. Are you unable to meet two or more outcomes, because of your support needs

  3. Will there or likely be significant impact on your well being

What Happens after the Assessment?

  1. After the assessment a Care Plan will be made and you will be given a copy. It will detail your needs and what is available to meet your needs.

  2. There will be a Means Test. This will tell you how much you may need to contribute.

The link below will help answer any questions about means testing.



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